5 Tips to Save on Bills – While Building Your Vacation Fund


Finding ways to curb your monthly spending may leave you feeling like you’re living to work, not the other way around. When you’ve trimmed the excess from your monthly budget and still need to cut back more, it may take some creative thinking to get those dollars and cents to start adding up.

For most people, the first step toward saving on bills is getting rid of all the extra spending. However, that’s not always enough, and it’s not always practical or realistic to cut down to bare bones. Before you stress about where to cut next, take a look at these tips for little changes that can add up to big savings:

1Reconsider Your Cable Source

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There are literally dozens – maybe more – streaming services available to fulfill your viewing needs. Most people subscribe to a cable or satellite package that has plenty of excess channels. Many streaming tv options allow you to take a more custom approach so you’re only paying for the programming you actually watch.



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