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Modeling 1016 Little Tricks That Will Help You Break into Fashion Modeling

6 Little Tricks That Will Help You Break into Fashion Modeling

If you’re an aspiring fashion model looking to break into the fashion modeling industry, we have a few helpful little tips that can put you and your new modeling career on the fast-track to success.


Get Your Modeling Portfolio Perfect

Get Your Modeling Portfolio Perfect

This should be the first and presumably the most vital piece of advice you get at the beginning of your modeling journey. Your modeling portfolio is modeling industry business card. This is the first thing modeling agencies will look at when reviewing models for fashion gigs. So, making sure that your portfolio is well-groomed to only showcase your best work to potential clients is of the utmost importance. Your portfolio should only contain images that show your skills and looks in a balanced format. The images you include should only be of the high caliber, dazzling pictures. There are a couple of ways you can build and share your modeling portfolio with potential clients. They are Digital Modeling Portfolio or Printed (Hard Copy) Modeling Portfolio. There are benefits to both versions. However, most models and agencies nowadays prefer to look over a Digital Modeling Portfolio sent to them via email.

Search for The Right Modeling Agency

Search for The Right Modeling Agency

Every (well, maybe not them all) fashion models need a modeling agency. One of the most critical first steps is to know your target market and only submit yourself to those target modeling agencies that fit your look and style.

So, as you embark on your modeling journey, you’ll want to figure out what your target market is, and only showcase and submit to those modeling agencies that best suit your target and look. So, some basic research beforehand is a good idea before you run off and start submitting to every modeling agency on the planet. Research agencies to see if they use models that fit the genre, style and look you are presenting yourself, as. For example: If you’re a middle-aged adult trying to break into fitness modeling you surely wouldn’t want to submit your images to a modeling agency that specializes in child models.

Additional things to research about modeling agencies

Is the agency legit? Does it have a business license, etc.?

Can the agency be verified?

Does the modeling agency have any reviews (bad or good) on them?

Is the modeling agency actively accepting modeling submissions?

What type of models is the agency seeking? (Height, Weight, Age, Gender, Looks, Other Specs.)

What’s the agency’s submission process. This refers to the guidelines in-which the agency will accept submissions. (You can generally find this information easily by visiting the agencies website, social media pages, or by calling the agency.)

What to Do When You Find the Right Modeling Agency

What to Do When You Find the Right Modeling AgencySimple – Submit yourself of course!

Pretty much the only way to get signed by a modeling agency is to first to be seen by them. Getting seen by modeling agents and modeling reps is a straight-forward process. Which includes doing the following: submitting snapshots of yourself. These snapshots often times referred to as, ‘digitals’ or ‘polaroids’ in the industry are how the modeling agencies get to see the “Real You.”

When putting together your ‘snapshots’, ‘digitals’, or ‘polaroids’ you’ll want to only include the very simple, non-professional photos of yourself. Keep this photo submission very simple and informal in nature.

Your snapshot submission should include the following:

You wearing minimal to no makeup.

A clean head of hair (do not add any product) your hair should not be styled, include photos of your hair laying down in its natural position, a well include one photo of your hair pulled up, and away – so that your face can be seen clearly.

You smiling (with teeth & without) showing, non-smiling

Your headshot(s), shoot left and right-side profiles.

Full body shots (full-length shots from head to toe.) Make sure to shoot two shots left and right side with both facing the camera and turned away from the camera.

Keep your clothing very simple. Possibly only wear a basic t-shirt (a solid neutral color) and snug (but, not tight) jeans will work well.

You should NOT include the following items in your modeling agency submission

No Selfies, Snapchat, or Photoshopped images.

No blurry, zoomed-out, or special effect photos.

Do not use a tan salon or get a fake tan.

No fake eyelashes or color changing contact lenses

No hair extensions


Just keep things very simple and natural looking. This first impression of you is really to show the modeling agency and their modeling reps the “All-Natural Real You.”

I always recognized that modeling would allow me to see and do a lot, so I looked for opportunities to learn and grow. ~ Christy Turlington

You Got the Call from The Modeling Agency – Now What Do You Do?

Modeling Agent and Model TalkingMore research of course! Do some digging and find out who are the past and present models that the agency has worked with. Learn about that marketing and advertising campaigns the modeling agency is currently working on promoting. What companies and brands are the agency working with currently. All this information is good knowledge and knowing it when you go into the agency for your face to face is good. Knowing this basic information shows the agency that you care and are interested in what they have done. It also shows them you’re going to be a “Team Player.” Another benefit of having this new-found information is when you do sit down with the modeling agent you’ll have an air of confidence about you that you know something about them that you can share.

Continue to Hone Your Modeling Expertise

Continue to Hone Your Modeling ExpertiseWhether you’re currently a freelance model or a signed agency model it’s always good to keep on top of your game by thinking outside the box or spearheading your own creative ideas for modeling opportunities. By gaining more expertise and industry knowledge within your selected genre of modeling and style of modeling you’ll only have the opportunity to grow more.

Parting Thoughts and Advice

There's a whole world out there waiting for you to seize your fair share of it. . .What are you waiting for? Go Get It!There’s a whole world out there waiting for you to seize your fair share of it. . .What are you waiting for? Go Get It!

“Learn, work, work and learn some more!” is quite honestly the real way to progress in the field of modeling. Keep striving, keep submitting yourself to modeling jobs, do the best work you can do for those modeling clients, and you’ll progress far in a fashion modeling career.


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