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    8 Fashion Jewelry Styles California Celebrities Love to Wear

    Celebrities are true fashion icons whether we admit it or not.

    After all, we see them all the time dressed in their best outfits and people absolutely love it to the point that celebrities become trendsetters in the fashion industry.

    And what better way to take a sneak peek at how celebrities wear their jewelry other than going straight to the heart of showbiz —Hollywood, California?

    From the elegant jewelry styles that Meghan Markle loves to stunning, jaw-dropping pieces that the Kardashians wear on a daily basis, here are the top styles of wholesale fashion jewelry California celebrities love to wear:

    Stud Earrings

    Even the A-list Hollywood celebrities love a good stud earring. You can easily spot California major celebrities wearing this type of earrings for various kinds of events on TV or in magazines. Granted that theirs might be adorned in the finest diamonds that money can buy, you can steal that glamour through high-quality fashion jewelry pieces.

    Stud earrings are an all-around jewelry piece which makes them great additions to your jewelry collection. You can literally wear them anywhere — the office, at home, and even at the beach. Just make sure that you’re not following Kim K’s mistake of losing a $75,000 diamond earring at the bottom of the ocean.

    Back Necklace

    Californian celebrities really push the boundaries when it comes to jewelry.

    A rising trend that we see on red carpets is celebrities being adorned in back necklaces and for us, it’s about time that we non-Hollywood folks embrace this fashion style. Back necklaces just bring an unexplainable daintiness and classiness to a simple outfit.

    Wear it with a low-back dress to accentuate your figure and that makes a perfect runway-ready look.

    Signet Rings

    People sometimes associate signet rings with old, rich guys with their massive mansions but in this new wave of fashion, women are now reclaiming this symbol of elegance and power.

    Signet rings are coming back to trend as we spot multiple celebrities wearing them ever so casually. It brings a certain allure of confidence to their look that is honestly worth replicating. Take it from the royalties like Meghan Markle who loves wearing a simple signet ring alongside her other ring accessories.

    Although signet rings are traditional symbols of political or family allegiance, modern jewelry designers took the shape of signet rings, and instead of putting a coat of arms, a gem or stone is then placed as the centerpiece of the jewelry.

    Layered Jewelry

    Beautiful Teen Model Wearing Layered Necklace Jewelry - California Pretty Magazine
    Beautiful Teen Model Wearing Layered Necklace Jewelry – California Pretty Magazine


    Turn every look in your closet runway-ready by borrowing a tip or two from the supermodel Gigi Hadid.

    The Californian celebrity has always been spotted around the city sporting casual clothes but adorned with gorgeous, unique layered jewelry. This jewelry rule definitely turns a simple black shirt into something worthy of a front page.

    Steal this celebrity look by taking advantage of different textures and layers when wearing jewelry. If the color of your outfit is dark, make sure to pair it with colorful necklaces. Experiment with the weight and thickness of jewelry too. This adds a different dimension to your look.

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    Rough-Cut Gem Pieces

    Rough-Cut Gem Jewelry Ring - California Pretty Magazine
    Rough-Cut Gem Jewelry Ring – California Pretty Magazine

    Take it straight from a fashion icon that imperfection in jewelry is the next hot thing in the industry.

    Gossip Girl’s star Blake Lively is always a fan of jewelry pieces with rough-cut gems. From asymmetrical gem drop earrings to her iconic large chunk gem rings.

    She isn’t afraid to dress up her hands too —her ring choices are always on point regardless of her outfit. A piece of jewelry advice from her style is to not be afraid of mismatching and making imperfect your fashion signature.

    So if you have that ring with a large gem face that you’re hesitant to wear, go ahead and take it out for a spin. Accentuate it with simple, thin band rings to prove more emphasis to the beauty of your jewelry pieces.

    Bangle Bracelet

    Vanessa Hudgens is the undisputed fashion icon of Coachella. From her classic runway looks to her boho-inspired outfits, it’s safe to say that people are always in love with what she wears. Of course, that includes her jewelry.

    With her several iconic looks, Vanessa never forgets her trusty bangle bracelets. Taking a page from her book, bangle bracelets are amazing as a staple jewelry piece as well as layered arm accents.

    In layering your bangle bracelets, it’s always ideal to group thin bangles together. Thick bangles are more of standalone pieces. You can also use thin chains to add more depth and variety to your look.

    Earring Huggers

    Add a little bit of punk-rock touch to your style by taking inspiration from Willow Smith herself. This jewelry style is perfect for those who have multiple ear piercings.

    In choosing your earring huggers, the size does matter in making sure that everything fits exactly where you need it to be. The elegance and edginess of earring huggers come from their perfect fit where your earlobes aren’t squished within the hoop.

    Earring huggers are also a great accompaniment to stud earrings. Those two earring styles do complete a full look which brings a great personality to your style.

    Sculptured Florals

    Pretty Hippie Floral Headband - California Pretty Magazine
    Pretty Hippie Floral Headband – California Pretty Magazine

    This specific jewelry style has been going around lately in runways and celebrity looks and we are absolutely here for it.

    Sculptured florals are great accessories where it brings daintiness to your outfit without looking too feminine. Celebrities have been making a way in wearing sculpted floral headbands that give an illusion of a crown. If that’s too much of a head-turner, you can always choose earrings and necklaces with sculpted floral accents to steal the looks of Hollywood icons. You may want to ask where to find this type of jewelry? JewelryBund.com is an online wholesale fashion jewelry shop to supply diverse costume jewelry collections which are similar to the most popular styles of jewelry pieces worn by California women stars, so usually, you will find most of the fashion jewelry styles at the store at a cheap wholesale price including sculptured floral fashion jewelry designs.

    Jewelry with sculpted florals is great for any type of outfit or occasion. You can dress it up or down depending on your fashion brief for the day. It’s also not hard to accentuate and layer if you want to wear other jewelry pieces alongside it.

    The fashion world might seem like they revolve around celebrities and there is some degree of truth to that. But honestly, if it gives us amazing fashion looks and tips to use for ourselves —then so be it.

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