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    Veilkini Shows Collection of Full-Cover Swimsuits in Europe Fashion Show

    For the first time in Europe, Veilkini Fashion Show!

    Veilkini show there latest collection of full cover swimsuit during the Amsterdam Modest Fashion Week 2019

    For the first time in Europe, Veilkini show there latest collection of full cover swimsuit during the Amsterdam Modest Fashion Week, The modest fashion week was held in Amsterdam during the period from 14/12 – 16/12, Veilkini presented 2020 spring/summer collection, in front of fashion experts, specialists and Social media influencers from all around the world.

    The fashion show contained many different outfits to suit a large segment of the audience’s tastes, which relied on drawings of flowers and colorful stripes with attractive colors.

    Browse the Veilkini Fashion Show Image Gallery Below

    “The modest fashion is one of the fastest-growing clothing markets around the world with a market size estimated at more than 250 billion dollars, and are expected to grow to 470 billion dollars until 2022, As for modest swimwear, we recently noticed a lot of interest from major companies in this sector, such as Nike and Speedo, and this will affect competitiveness in the field of quality and design, and the most important is the acceptance off the full cover swimsuit around the world “, This was the answer of Mr. Mamoun Zater, Jordanian fashion designer when asked about the importance of modest fashion and his opinion in the major companies interest in this field.

    Veilkini Company was found in 2006, and it solved a big problem for modest women and girls who wanted to swim in the sea and enjoy the beaches and the resorts since then.

    Also, Veilkini designs swimwear in a sporty and creative way while keeping pace with fashion, with high water resistance techniques thanks to the quality of the fabric used, as well as the quality of sewing.

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    Veilkini is now considered one of the largest fashion designers that is interested in offering the most beautiful designs to the modest people around the world, by continuing to offer products that suit all the modest tastes, and by relying on the aesthetics of the products and their sustainability by providing the best types of swimming fabrics that use the latest engineering techniques.

    Visit Veilkini on Facebook at – https://www.facebook.com/veilkini/

    *Photo credit: @rooful for @modestfashionweeks


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