Advertising for fashion brands in California Pretty Magazine is offered through our advertising partner – Ad Ideal Advertising. California Pretty is part of the Ad Ideal Advertising Network.


  • New advertising campaigns start at only $25.oo.
  • Advertise for as long or as little as you need.
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  • Easy funding options.
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About Ad Ideal Advertising

The Ad Ideal Advertising network meets today’s challenges in the online advertising industry with rapid response times. This allows us to effectively increase and measure the reach of your advertising campaign while protecting your brand.


Whether your fashion advertising goal is to generate Fashion Brand Awareness, Fashion Brand Recognition, or to Generate Leads and Increase Sales. At Ad Ideal Advertising Network, they capitalize and leverage their industry-specific knowledge to create their advertisers with marketing solutions that incorporate marketing insights, ad serving technology, and analytics to assure their marketing campaigns are run effectively. The Ad Ideal Advertising Network has developed strong relationships with the “Premium Publisher Network” to assure their advertisers’ messages’ are presented on every level of the Consumer Decision Process.


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