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FashionAll You Need to Know About Using Hair Thinning Scissors

All You Need to Know About Using Hair Thinning Scissors

As a hairdresser, you need to make your clients feel happy and confident in their haircut.

But, this isn’t just about cutting it the right length or style. A good haircut should feel as good as it looks and sometimes this requires the hair to be thinned.

For clients with thick or unruly hair, thinning it out a little will give a more defined shape so you can create their desired look and remove hefty weight. But, you need the right tools. Hair thinning scissors are not like regular shears as they are designed to cut using several teeth instead of one straight blade.

Invest in a pair of high-quality thinning scissors for your barbering or hairdressing kit and you’ll be prepared for all volumes of hair.

Why are hair thinning scissors an important hairdressing tool?

Hair thinning scissors are a secondary tool to regular sheers. They are not designed to be used to create an entire look, but to thin out the hair from the midsection downwards, therefore creating layers and generally making the hair easier to maintain after the haircut.

Thinning a client’s hair using regular shears will not create a well-blended finish. It’s important that you are using the right tools for the look you are trying to achieve and in this case, the hair thinning technique requires hair thinning scissors.


They are a great tool for:

  • Reducing bulk – For those with thick hair, having it thinned out will reduce bulky spots. Using this technique can alleviate styling problems in both men and women, making the overall look more balanced.
  • Creating a defined shape – Very thick and unruly hair can be hard to manage with regular shears as your only tool. Alternatively, hair thinning scissors will help you create a more defined look that has shape, rather than a blunt cut that is still volume heavy.
  • Softening a look – When hair is very thick is can look harsh but thinning it out will soften the look and allow the hair to fall around the face. Thinning scissors can be used to shape the hair to compliment the client by removing thickness and coarseness.
  • Styling convenience – If hair maintenance is a problem, thinning it out can make it easier to wash, dry, and style. With the bulk gone, your clients’ hair care routine can be cut in half!

How do hair thinning scissors work?

Unlike regular hair shears, hair thinning scissors have teeth on one side of the blade. The fewer teeth that the scissors have means the chunkier the cut will be.

If you look closely at the blade with teeth, you will notice that there are small, evenly spaced grooves. As you cut the hair, the blades will gradually thin out the hair so it blends nicely, instead of looking blocky and uneven.

How should you use hair thinning scissors?

Thinning hair thick and unruly hair is made easy when you use hair thinning scissors so once they are added to your hair kit you’re ready to go! However, even with the right tools, you need to follow the right technique.

Always bear these steps in mind when using hair thinning scissors.

  1. Before making your first cut you must consult with your client to understand the kind of look they want, this way you’ll know where to start and how much you need to thin. Remember, you can always cut off more hair but you cannot put it back!
  2. In general, it’s best to use thinning scissors on dry hair so you can exactly how the hair naturally falls as wet hair tends to look thinner so you may end up taking off more than what’s necessary.
  3. Brush through the hair to remove any knots and start with one section at a time.
  4. Never use the thinning scissors near the root. The idea of thinning scissors is to remove volume to create a blended look, however, cutting too close to the root can create short, spiky hairs that stick up from the rest of the hair.
  5. On longer hair, angle your scissors at a 45-degree angle and glide them through the hair to thin it out. Start with a small amount of hair so you can assess it as you go to create the desired look.

What are you waiting for? Grab yourself a pair of hair thinning scissors today and they’ll become a staple tool in your barbering or hairdressing kit.


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