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    Best 5 Cases For Your Blu Cell Phones

    BLU makes a wide range of smartphones that have appealed to customers all around the world.

    Their phone brands have earned a name in the market. As with any smartphone, the BLU phones also require protection from daily use and occasional drops. Let us see some of the best covers of its major brands.

    The ArmorFlex Case for Blu R1 Plus

    This double layered case is specifically meant for your Blu R1 Plus. The case made by BLU gives adequate protection from falls and bumps in daily usage. It also allows you a soft touch to your buttons. The slim cover is easy to put on and remove. This case comes with a screen protector. One of the top-selling BLU cell phone cases & covers for the R1 Plus.

    The BLU CandyShield PC + TPU Case

    This stylish case for your Studio 5.0 C comes in attractive and vibrant colours. This is a hard shell case that protects your phone from scratches, drops, dust, and abrasions. The case is double layered but slim enough to suit your pocket. It gives you easy access to all the buttons and controls. This one is a highly trendy case for your BLU cell phone.

    The R007 1 UU Case for Blu R1 Plus

    Another case for the Blu R1 Plus. This one is a hard shell case that gives complete protection for your phone from drops and bumps. It has a soft silicone inner sleeve. The case comes with a protective screen cover to protect your screen from scratches. The unique feature is the foldable kickstand that enables you to view videos with full experience. This one is among the strongest of all BLU cell phone cases & covers.

    The Armorflex For Studio Energy X Plus

    This original BLU cell phone case spells class. In its elegant black color, this case protects your phone from scratches and drops. This double-layered cover is slim and attractive. It is easy to put in and take off. It fits snugly on your Studio Energy X Plus. It gives easy access to all the buttons for the full experience of your phone.

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    The Armour Defender for Studio Energy 2

    This is the perfect one for video viewing among the BLU cell phone cases & covers. This one made with the durable high-grade environment-friendly material can be washed and cleaned. The case gives perfect protection for your BLU cell phone. It comes with a kickstand that allows you to have a heightened video watching experience.

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