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When people talk about “Black Theme Fashion,” the first references that come to our minds are Rick Owens, Yohji Yamamoto, Rei Kawakubo, Ann Demeulemeester and a few more. . .

of the recognized fashion designers who have shown multiple and outstanding ways of how the color black can be worn in a perfect look with that very personal taste on design.

As a result of fashion history and very talented people who have achieved a prestige because of what they do, countries like U.S.A., Japan, Belgium, and France are always in the center of attention for brand new emerging designers.

However, fashion is a such a big passion for a lot of people around the world that in this case we’re going to let you know about a young designer from Argentina who has made himself a “Real Expert,” when it comes to fashion design and the entire process of garment making, from pattern-making to runway preparations and model photo-shoots. The new and emerging Designer from Argentina: Christian Flores Montes, is a real rose that grew up from a crack in the concrete.

California Pretty: Christian can you tell our readers’ when your passion for fashion started?

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Christian: “My passion for design and clothes started when I was very young, about 8 years old. My mom was a seamstress by that time and used to work for several brands in large productions from skirts to hoodies. It was crazy to me that a few flat pieces of cloth turns out to be a wearable garment in a few minutes after going through a sewing machine.”

California Pretty: Do you recall the first time you sat down at a sewing machine? If so, can you tell us about that experience, please?

Christian: “I was 11 when I sat down at a sewing machine for the first time. I remember, I made my firsts pockets for a shirt. I think at that moment – I realized, I wanted to know more about how fashion and clothes were made. So, I started helping my mom in her factory after school. It was a very rich experience although it was hard to learn; all this knowledge helped me a lot when I made the decision to enroll in a Fashion Design Career at Universidad de Buenos Aires in Argentina,” STUDIO NAFA and FACIF at Universidad de Buenos Aires in Argentina,” Christian recounts.

Photo Gallery of Christian Flores Montes

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More About Fashion Designer – Christian Flores Montes

He graduated in 2014, since that he has worked with many recognized brands and designers in Argentina but one of his biggest recognition’s was to be awarded, in 2017, by STUDIO NAFA and FACIF to be part of a group of designers from all over the world to learn and develop skills about fur and leather in Toronto, Canada.

That same year he developed his own line under the name of “BLACKPHEMY.” Which has a very personal taste on the color “Black.” As it’s his favorite color and presents his favorite way to work on clothing. This line was awarded by Bueno’s City Council with Two Fashion Shows because of his vision and level on apparel design. Nowadays, “Blackphemy” has a CUBE Showroom from Paris, and Oxford Studio from London to be part of their curated selection.

California Pretty: Christian it has been a real pleasure visiting with you today. We want to “Thank you” for sitting down with us. Do you have anything further you’d like to share with our readers?

Christian: “I have always thought that dreams are only something that happens when you fall asleep. But if you work hard you will get wherever you want, dreams are nothing without facts. These two places who want my line in their shows and stores are, in some way, a proof that my work is on a very good path, I feel pretty proud about it.”

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