classic mens underwear
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When it comes to buying underwear there doesn’t seem to be many choices for men. Men generally have a choice between the standard white cotton briefs or boxers.

Well, there is one company that has come to the rescue – Classic Men’s Underwear Store. The Classic Underwear store is comfortably tucked away in Transylvania, which is located in Romania. Little known by most folks in the fashion world is the fact that this area of Romania has had a long-time tradition producing clothing for Italian fashion houses.

Classic Men’s Underwear Store produces high-quality classic mens underwear and men’s vintage underwear products at a fair price. The production skills and attention to detail that the classic men’s underwear sewers present is very evident in the men’s underwear products they produce. As their products outlast any big-box retailer’s underwear products on the market today.

When it comes to Men’s underwear for yourself or as a gift for a loved one. it’s worth spending some time investigating the company and the brand in which you intend to purchase. A lot more goes into making a high-quality Men’s underwear product. That’s why we have fallen in love with the Classic Underwear Store. When shopping for classic men’s underwear you want an underwear product that is produced with only the highest degree of precision quality workmanship and uses only the finest quality of cotton. Men’s underwear made to these standards will hold up, offer all-day comfort, and will last the wearer a long-time offering them peace of mind.

The Classic Underwear Store sells a variety of briefs for men and boys in classic styles and timeless patterns. Men have a choice of many different styles of underwear to choose from all their underwear is made from some of the finest cotton fabric on the planet. Which is why it should not come as a surprise to any man that slips on a pair of underwear from the classic men’s underwear store. They can Immediately feel the quality of the cotton, the hug of the cut, and the comfort of the front pouch. The cotton that goes into creating each men’s brief has a soft hand, taped seams, the waistband, and leg cuffs have supported elastic which offers a sturdy fitted feeling providing you all-day comfort and mobility – they just feel top-notch!

One of our favorites for those hot sticky summer days is the men’s New Design with front Flap in String. This is an airy pair of men’s briefs made of mesh fabric, a sturdy elastic waistband and a cool, uniquely designed front flap with quick button closure for easy access when you need to hit the bathroom quickly. Plus, their mesh fabric design keeps your skin dry and cool by allowing your skin to breathe freely. This is just one more Innovative feature in Men’s undergarment construction and design that puts the classic Men’s underwear store a step above the competition.

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Another one of our editors’ favorite pair of men’s briefs that can be found on the classic men’s underwear store is the Double Seat Briefs with Y-front fly. The durable and comfortable classically design men’s briefs can be purchased in a 3 Pack.

classic mens underwear
Pictured Above: Double Seat Briefs with Y-front fly

The Double Seat Briefs with Y-front fly are a brand-new addition and have been designed from a classic men’s style underwear pattern from the 1960s. This underwear features taped seams on the front and no seams on the side for added comfort. The underwear has been designed and created with two layers both front and back for added protection, as well. The leg cuffs on these men’s underwear are Cotton/Lycra/Modal. This type of garment fabric construction provides you with extra comfort and helps to keep the shape of the underwear making them last much longer. The waistband is made of jacquard and the rest of the material used in the creation of these men’s underwear is of high-quality cotton Rib.

Before you go shopping for men’s underwear; we strongly encourage you to explore the classic men’s underwear store for vintage and retro underwear styles designed especially for men and boys. The high-quality men’s underwear they produce is designed from proven underwear garment patterns from the ’60s and ’70s. But, reconstructed and handmade to the highest quality standards using only the best modern materials.

Buy yourself the perfect pair of men’s underwear is important or if you’re giving them as a gift. We hope that you check out the Classic Underwear Store at –

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