Country Artist Simone Reyes Releases

Simone Reyes releases “Priceless” – a song about heartache, courage, revenge and the importance of finding just the right dress to wear when you see your ex.


New Country Artist and former hip hop executive/ right hand to music mogul Russell Simmons / ex-reality star, (and Idyllwind fan) Simone Reyes releases a follow up single/video to her debut single entitled “ Priceless “ clad in an Idyllwind dress that deliverers a punch to her ex.

“When I was first presented with the song, I was immediately drawn to the extremely relatable storyline about a woman who got dumped and then had to summon up the courage to go on with her life and get back out in the world -even when that means being in the same room as her ex and his new love interest. I don’t think there is a person on earth who hasn’t been in a similar predicament. I loved the original lyrics which were “ spent a hundred dollars on this mini black dress – it was worth it “ because we all want to look our best when these uncomfortable (but often inevitable events) present themselves in our lives. But I knew the dress had to be really killer because if a woman has the right dress she can rule the world – and for us country girls that often means an Idyllwind dress. Miranda Lambert knows how to dress her girls right. ” said Simone Reyes. “I changed the lyric adding in the Idyllwind reference and dressed up the outfit with a pair of earrings from the line because her stuff is so reasonably priced I knew the character would have a bit of cash left over with that hundred bucks. “

If a woman has the right dress she can rule the world”— Simone Reyes

Country Music Singer Simone Reyes | California Pretty Magazine
Country Music Singer Simone Reyes | California Pretty Magazine

Reyes emphasized that she is “ just a mega fan” of the clothing line and Miranda Lambert and not affiliated with the brand in any way. “ Before we shot the video, I walked into a local Boot Barn and purchased the dress just like everybody else does- worth every penny! ” she added.

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“Priceless” was written by Sydney Maxine, Kalynne Michelle Schoelen and Ariel Lask. The song was produced, arranged and recorded by Al Bonhomme. Nashville and Los Angeles musicians who appear on the track include Al Bonhomme, Gary Morse, Alexis Sklarevski, Skip Edwards and Molly Rocklind. The video was directed and shot by Kerry Porter/ Frontman Media on location in Los Angeles and Agua Dulce, CA ( which one day later was threatened by the California wildfires).

Television, social media journalist and New York Times best selling author Jane Velez Mitchell/ actress, comic, writer and producer Fia Perera and Tim Bonhomme ( current Beach Boys touring member ) are among the long list of Hollywood’s who’s who that made cameos in the video.

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