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    FareShare is Changing the Road Trip, One Music Festival at a Time

    FareShare.io, a Los Angeles based startup, just launched a city to city travel platform that aims to bring hitchhiking into the digital age.

    Los Angeles based startup Fareshare.io recently launched a city to city travel platform that aims to bring hitch-hiking into the digital age. Other rideshare platforms focus on inner city ride hailing or daily carpooling, but there’s still no reliable and enjoyable way for people in America to road-trip between cities. Similar to what the sharing economy did for booking homes to stay in, FareShare.io has made it possible for people to book seats in a car when traveling.

    With rideshare market leaders approaching IPOs, the market offers a number of mobility offerings such as bikes, scooters, and even monthly subscription plans – all of which are still within the boundaries of major cities. FareShare’s platform works differently.

    FareShare.io is an online travel marketplace that focuses on city-to-city travel. The travel platform enables drivers to list their empty seats when embarking on a long-distance drive from one city to another, allowing passengers that are looking to travel the same way book those seats. FareShare.io leaves it up to drivers to decide how much a seat costs, where they’d like to pick up and drop off, whether or not pets are allowed, if smoking is allowed, and more.

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    “We put the platform out into the market and we’re seeing where it goes,” says Ethan, one of the co-founders at FareShare. “So far, we’ve noticed that people who go to music festivals also really enjoy carpooling with FareShare, which makes sense for a few reasons. Festivals are typically an hour or two away from the city, ticket prices are high, parking is always tough, and they already share a common interest in music.” So far, the platform has been available for public use for about three months and the public has responded really positively. “Most of the time I’m only traveling to cities that are a few hours away, so I don’t see the need to go through the hassle of flying for such a short distance. I’ve even met some really cool people on my trips and seen some great scenery on the way,” says John, one of FareShare’s earliest users.

    The company is only two years old and has already made a splash in the world of travel. They have aspirations of creating all different types of technologies and experiences that will improve transportation and travel. They’ve begun internal development of autonomous vehicle communication technologies, location based real-time music playlists, and they even have a few ideas of how to fix traffic. “We have a handful of really exciting projects planned, but it’s important to focus and take it one step at a time,” says cofounder Nima Akbari.

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