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    How-to Become a Fashion Model

    It oftentimes looks simple and relatively easy to many folks to be a fashion model.


    I mean, after all, most folks think all you must do is stand around and look pretty you know wear a cute smile on your face and everybody is going to adore you and all the hottest fashion designers in the industry will be flocking to your feet to throw their clothes on you.


    And that is just the start of it not to mention all the money you can make I mean some of the top paid fashion models get paid millions of dollars and then all the extra endorsement deals that they make, and they get to travel all over the world and virtually live in the lap of luxury. I mean let us not fool ourselves all the glorious aspects of the job are undoubtedly thrilling however being a fashion model can be a very daunting process and a very grueling lifestyle to pursue.


    First, off let us start with the basics even well before any of the mainstream models have become well known they first were signed via a modeling agency. Modeling agencies for the most part are larger companies that worked to represent the models in the fashion industry. Modeling agencies often managed the business side of the modeling and fashion industry.


    So daily business things that modeling agencies oversee on behalf of the model are things like contracts billing and poking the model for fashion modeling jobs. When a model is booked with an agency it can honestly be a boost to the model because the agency will help bring the model to fame by their sheer vast connections within the fashion industry itself. the modeling agency helps the models overcome one of the hardest parts of a modeling career and that is getting paying modeling jobs.


    But even before that one of the hardest parts, anyone can pursue when trying to have a modeling career is getting signed by a reputable modeling agency. Now back in the older days women models had to fit an industry-standard look to qualify and to even be considered to be signed by a modeling agency had to be between the height of 5’6′ to 6′ feet tall with a weight to body proportionate to their height. So nearly all fashion models are generally thin-framed.


    However, times have changed, and companies are now bracing models of all shapes and sizes and from all ethnic backgrounds. However, there are still hundreds of thousands of anxious men and women who wannabe models annually attend modeling auditions in the hopes of getting modeling jobs. As well, if you are going to secure a modeling job you must have something special about you some special quality look or feature that sets you apart from all the other hundreds or even thousands of other wannabe fashion models that you will be contending with. You will have to have that special something that sets you apart that captures the modeling agencies I and makes them want to sign you.


    Now just getting signed to a modeling agency is a challenge in itself but as a working model, you must be constantly searching for ways on your own to get yourself out there to put your face out there where job opportunities and people will see you within the fashion industry. Once you start to become known and start to be booked within the fashion industry you might eventually get the opportunity to attend some of the biggest events in modeling in a fashion which is called Fashion Week.


    Fashion Week is one of the biggest events in both modeling and the fashion world itself. Fashion Week has comprised a weeklong series of many runway shows where several fashion designers will display their new collections for the coming fashion season. The talented and ever-popular New York Fashion Week is one of the most famous fashion weeks around, along with others taking place in Paris and Milan, which are undoubtedly known as the fashion capitals of the world.


    Fashion Industry Pro Tip


    We always suggest and recommend that young and aspiring fashion models explore modeling opportunities with new, emerging, or seasoned independent fashion brands. These smaller fashion brands are often more willing and accepting to work with new inexperienced fashion models looking to break into the industry as well they give you valuable insight training and experience within the fashion industry that will help you grow your career. We talked with the owner and lead fashion designer of Swim Rags Swimwear and Apparel, Bobby D. Badboy. The Swim Rags label is a small independent US clothing label, founded by Bobby D. Badboy.


    Every item in the Swim Rags collection is thoughtfully designed in Mr. Badboy’s Private Studio in Northern Wisconsin, which allows the designer to focus on the natural surroundings that abound around him thus allowing him to focus on the strong, all-natural beauty that the area has to offer.


    Mr. Badboy had this to say to us, “I very much like being a small boutique brand. I like that we are now operating primarily online. Although, we do offer some small wholesale services to boutique shops that we feel share our passion for style and fashion. I love how we as a brand can stay agile on our feet creating everything from cozy and comfortable – yet remain true to ourselves, as a stylish comfortable beachwear lifestyle brand.”


    If you are a fashion model and you get the opportunity to garner exposure on a runway during fashion week it could lead to some very high-class, lucrative modeling contracts for you. every year each fashion week will show various collections of new and inspiring fashions from literally hundreds of fashion designers. Each fashion designer during Fashion Week gifts to showcase his or her spring and fall fashion collection, so you can see how important it is to even get booked with even a small relatively unknown fashion designer that is showing during a Fashion Week event. But you must not forget there is not a lot of spots for new and upcoming models. So, the competition to walk during Fashion Week is very fierce and very competitive, to say the least.


    It goes without saying but you will know you have reached supermodel stardom when you land the modeling spot of being the face of a prestigious fashion brand’s marketing campaign. many fashion campaigns undoubtedly for the large fashion designers can earn models a substantial amount of money not to mention the exposure that they get from just working and being exposed to the public and the fashion industry at large by the marketing done by that fashion brand.


    Many of the most notable fashion models in the industry with the most recognizable faces started out by working for fashion campaigns for companies such as Gucci, Valentino, and Chanel these companies run and operate extremely high-class advertisements for their brands, that only the most elite of models get a chance to partake in.

    In Conclusion

    Well, if you think that the hard work and dedication it takes to become a globally known supermodel is something for which people are physically fit then we wish our advice were different.

    However much like any other industry, there will always be those who try their luck with modeling despite having very little experience or talent just so they can say “I was once stars!” Unfortunately, this does not seem possible in regards to achieving success as most professionals either start out at an early age due to lack of opportunity until things come together well enough -or alternatively-they have spent years perfecting every detail about themselves before entering into competitions where a thousand others compete alongside them; never giving up hope even when all seems lost.

    With all the information in this article on fashion modeling, do you think that YOU have what it takes to be a model? Leave us a comment below.

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