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    How to Make Your Own DIY Dog Hoodie

    So, you want to make your very own Dog Hoodie DIY. For the non-crafty among us, making a dog hoodie is probably something that’s pretty darn impossible.

    However, fear not! There are ways around this DIY dog hoodie disaster. Here’s how you can make a doggie hoodie for your dog in no time:

    First, pick out a doggie hoodie design or doggie hoodie pattern you like. It’s best to try to match the dog’s coat to the hoodie design. Make sure that it’s a solid color. Your dogs’ coat will serve as their form of camouflage, so it’s important that it stands out in the sun, unlike your plain old t-shirt. If you have a lot of bold or bright colors in your home, make sure the hoodie doesn’t have a lot of those colors in it.

    Next, cut your dog’s hoodie to size. Using a sharp pair of scissors and a seam ripper, cut along the line of your dog’s neck. You should have around two inches of extra material. Stuff the rest of the hoodie into a plastic zipper bag or another container with a soft fabric in it. You can also use any other container you have on hand.

    How to Make Your Own DIY Dog Hoodie - California Pretty Magazine
    How to Make Your Own DIY Dog Hoodie – California Pretty Magazine

    Now you’re ready to sew the hoodie. Before stitching the hoodie to the dog, make sure the two are accurately aligned. If not, just pin the two down next to each other and sew them up just like you did with the rest of your outfit. If you’re not good at sewing, you can always borrow some tape and tack it onto the hoodie for added stick-to-itiveness.

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    Once you’re finished with your Dog Hoodie DIY, you should have a great hoodie for your dog! It’s really simple, isn’t it? And best of all, it’s a great way to show off your pet. If you sew a lot and can do more than one project at a time, you might even consider making another hoodie for your other dogs.

    This is a really easy pattern to follow. All you need is a piece of lightweight fleece that’s sewn at the front and back of the dog’s outfit. There are a couple of ways you can achieve this style, depending on how much room you have and how large your dog is. I recommend that you do a trial run before going it alone. Try switching it up from round to teardrop, from rectangular to square, or simply trying to switch it from short to long.

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