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The top 20 iTunes charting country/americana singer-songwriter has released a newly written and recorded tribute to the late John Prine.

When renowned singer-songwriter John Prine died on April 7th, 2020, it left many people in shock. Prine had been a hero to so many, and an inspiration to a generation of songwriters. One in particular was Top 20 americana/country artist and songwriter, Jeremy Parsons. Spending time in self-quarantine due to the Corona Virus, Parsons put his feelings into music, penning and recording “One Of a Kind” at his isolated location in San Antonio, Texas.

“John Prine’s music and existence meant a lot to myself and a lot of folks, I know,” said Parsons. “Everyone has a soft spot and something they can always go to to find some happiness. John Prine’s music was that for me. As soon as I heard his picking and his overly unique and genuine voice, I was completely sucked in. I’m so glad we had him to inspire us and make us smile. The world wouldn’t have been the same… we are the lucky ones. He will always be with us through the music and I’m forever grateful for that. I wrote this song the evening after I found out he had passed away. I felt overwhelmed to share it with y’all.”

Listen to “One Of A Kind” on Soundcloud at

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