Musician Anthony Alan Comes Back to Rock

Musician Anthony Alan

Anchors To Dusk Publishing, LLC client, Anthony Alan, comes back to rock with a vengeance.

Have you heard of rising rock musician Anthony Alan? Anchors To Dusk Publishing, LLC discovered Anthony Alan via Twitter in June 2018 and has been representing him socially on his ride ever since. Ready for more, Anthony’s new sound will finally be released to the masses in 2019.

Musician Anthony Alan
Musician Anthony Alan | California Pretty Magazine

It’s been a bit of a musical break lately, allowing a moment for Alan to regroup. “A Trip In Time,” Alan’s solo debut released in 2014, set high songwriting standards to follow. But what has Anthony Alan been up to all this time between albums? Death, resurrection, followed by overwhelming growth and change is what. Anthony’s first LP was thought of as both a hello and goodbye, a happily passing smile or glance. Well, it proved to be far more than a momentary trend as his sound is too rooted in the discovery of American rock music.

Based in Seattle, Anthony Alan Records is now embarking on its fourth year of operation. Anthony uses his label to help up and coming artists rise while he does the same. In October 2018, Anthony signed up for year two with Bentley Records, NYC, as one of his working labels.

Musician Anthony Alan | California Pretty Magazine
Musician Anthony Alan | California Pretty Magazine

Since its release in 2014, “A Trip In Time” has garnered seven songwriting/charting awards in Los Angeles and received hundreds of thousands of international radio spins. Alan’s song “Only When I’m Lonely” won Best Pop/Rock Singer-Songwriter Song within a year of its independent release from The Berkshire Music Group/The Akademia in Los Angeles. Skip to 2018, and Anthony Alan ended the calendar year in Los Angeles meeting for major label signing opportunities.

Musician Anthony Alan | California Pretty Magazine
Musician Anthony Alan | California Pretty Magazine

He is currently in the process of producing new songs and remixing others from “A Trip In Time” for submittal to Warner Bros, Atlantic Records, Sony Music, Universal Records, and more. In September 2018, Anthony received guitar endorsement from Kononykheen Guitars of Russia.

Aside from nearing completion of his overdue second album, “Angels, Devils & Dreams,” Anthony Alan has joined forces with Anchors To Dusk Publishing, LLC in order to engage with a new audience and bring his pure rock sound to the masses. As Alan returns, expect an evolved sound recognizing retro rhythms of the south combined with hard melodic bass, fine-tuned vintage guitar riffs, and hybrid rock n’ roll at its best. Anthony plans to rewind time to the simpler days in music’s history.

Musician Anthony Alan

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