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    Neil Nayyar, Musical Prodigy Taking The World One Instrument at a Time

    Neil Nayyar is a somewhat assuming young man at first glance.

    But little would you know this talented young fella is musically talented beyond what one could believe.

    Neil has learned how to play at least 107 different musical instruments – not to mention that he can play all of them exceptionally well and he’s just 13 years old.

    Attention was first drawn to Neil and his exceptional music skills at only 12 years old when he was already fluently playing 44 different musical instruments. The number of instruments Neil can play has only grown since, stretching his expertise in his preferred field farther and wider than ever before. The ASSIST Book of World Records has already featured his accomplishments in the past – quite the headline for such a young musician – and the acclaimed Guinness Book of World Records even seems interested in featuring him. But it’s clear why with the numbers of instruments Neil can play has grown to an incredible 107 at such a young age.

    Neil Nayyar Musical Prodigy Taking The World One Instrument at a Time | California Pretty Magazine
    Pictured Here: Neil Nayyar with many of the musical Instruments he can play | California Pretty Magazine

    With loads of musical instruments under his belt – Neil has been toying with the idea of hitting the silver screen by taking up acting. He’s been most recently exploring the ropes within the entertainment industry. With numerous appearances on such great tv shows as, America’s Got Talent, as well as the Steve Harvey Show.

    We feel Neil has a great shot at tv stardom. With so many great skills, a horizon full of opportunities – Neil’s plan for the future is to continue sending out casting call applications for work within the entertainment industry. Where he hopes to eventually land work either on a TV Series, films or even commercials.

    Neil’s passion for music is genuine, and the young man completely dedicates himself to practice in an attempt to better hone his skills. Often Neil will practice for eight hours straight daily. Along with that Neil educates himself by taking lessons, and classes from world-renowned individuals all of whom are scattered across the globe.

    Neil Nayyar surrounded by many of the musical Instruments he loves play | California Pretty Magazine
    Pictured Here: Neil Nayyar surrounded by many of the musical Instruments he loves play | California Pretty Magazine

    Neil’s musically inclined skills have even been well-covered by a great deal of different news-media outlets such as FOX40, WTNH News8, ABC10, Good News Network and a great many more. With Neil’s most recent appearance in the news on ABC10. It wouldn’t be surprising if his expertise in instruments and the number he can play continued to grow throughout the years. He’s proven himself to be a true musical prodigy and genius to boot. With a growing fan-base.

    While Neil does love making music in his free time. He also loves listening to it; he enjoys such things as hip hop, jazz, and Bollywood music and movies – especially those that feature his favorite actor, Salman Khan. And, it’s only time before he is considered one of the greats of the musical world.

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    A look into Neil’s history will have his parents recalling that they played him classics like Mozart while he was still in the womb. They credit this as the reason for his innate, unparalleled musical talent. His gift first became apparent when he attended a drumming class at age five. Without prior knowledge of the instrument or experience, he wowed the crowd with his natural talent for the craft.

    Progress and Current Updates

    Neil has recently appeared on the Good Day Sacramento which is talk show by CW31. owned by CBS. They interviewed him about his World Record of his Musical Accomplishments. CBS13 aired News of Neil in Noon News.
    Click here to Watch the CBS13 News Story
    Click Here to Watch the News Story on Good Day Sacramento
    Click Here to Watch Part 2 of the News Story on Good Day Sacramento

    Neil passed the Audition of Sacramento Kings (NBA) to perform Music at Golden 1 Center, Sacramento. Watch Neil’s audition performance here. He is scheduled to perform on November 1st, 2019 at 7 P.M.

    Neil has been featured on Front page of ELK GROVE CITIZEN Newspaper.

    Make sure to keep up with Neil on his extraordinary musically journey by visiting his website – https://neilnayyar.com

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