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    SHOO APPAREL Tops With Built-in Mask & Germ-Resistant Fabric

    Smart Armor Collection — Kills Germs & Bacteria Using Silver And Vesicle Antimicrobial Technology

    The unprecedented outbreak of coronavirus (Covid-19) which has claimed more than 780, 000 lives across the world is arguably a wake-up call for us to come up with better ways of protecting ourselves from germs and bacteria. There are harmful microbes in almost everywhere you go from your place of work to grocery stores and at home. Therefore, it’s about time you started protecting yourself and your loved ones, not only from Covid-19 but also against other dangerous germs and bacteria. Along with maintaining hygiene, another way to protect against microbes is wearing protective clothing equipped with antimicrobial technology.

    SHOOAPPARELThat’s why SHOO has created apparel that utilizes HeiQ V-Block technology to kill microbes, germs, and bacteria. This technology is designed to kill and inhibit the growth of microbes on fabrics. With HeiQ V-Block, bacteria, viruses, and germs cannot breed on fabrics. This makes it effective against bacteria, viruses, and microbes that cause diseases, including Covid-19. SHOO apparel combines versatile styling, quality fabrics, and antimicrobial protection to multi-functional outfits.

    For More Information: SHOOAPPAREL: Removable Stylish Mask, Clothing Itself Kill Germs & Bacteria Using Silver And Vesicle Technology, Quality Italian Fabrics

    How does Swiss antimicrobial technology work?

    The fabrics used to make SHOO apparel are infused with an innovative Swiss technology known as HeiQ V-Block. This technology utilizes advanced silver and vesicle booster properties to inhibit the growth of bacterial on textiles. Silver emits ions that attack the membrane of bacteria and eventually destroying them rapidly. The vesicle technology helps to attack viruses on fabrics and inhibits their growth. Generally, HeiQ V-Block prevents viruses and bacteria from breeding on fabrics.

    SHOOAPPAREL FabricFabrics

    SHOO uses two kinds of fabrics from Pyrates in making their protective clothes.

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    They include Power I and Health 2

    • Power 1 contains 87% microtencel and 13% elastane. This fabric is super breathable, 100% safe, soft on the skin and helps with sweat management. It has a cooling effect and does not cause irritation. SHOO uses Power 1 to make masks and SHOO SKIN(women’s).
    • Health II contains 62% organic cotton and 38% vegetable fiber. This fabric provides many benefits for the skin including UV protection, radiation reflection, warmth retention, and blood circulation improvement. SHOO uses Health 11 to make SHOO CROP (women’s) and SHOW FLY (Unisex).

    SHOO APPAREL Built-in Mask & Germ-Resistant Fabric Photo Gallery
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    SHOO Products

    Masks- SHOO’s masks are made with breathable and super soft fabric. The stretch that comes from 13% elastane allows the mask to contour the face and neck for a comfortable fit. They can serve you for so long while protecting you against germs and bacteria, thanks to the Swiss antimicrobial technology.

    • SHOO FLY- This unisex top can be worn as a turtleneck and can be converted into a mask. It is made from Health II fabric to ensure it is soft and plush on your skin while providing warmth retention and UV protection.
    • SHOO SKIN- A top that doubles as a turtleneck with extra-long cuffs. You can convert the turtleneck into a mask. Made with Power I fabric to provide a wide range of skin benefits.
    • SHOO CROP- A top with a non-detachable long funnel neck infused with antimicrobial technology. Comes in two colors and can be worn as a hood. It offers many benefits for the skin, including protection from germs and bacteria.

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