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    Siberian-born Armenian Artist Narine Arakelian Astonishes Audience at the MASH Gallery’s Frieze Celebration

    Narine Arakelian is a Siberian-born Armenian Artist who has made an impression in the American Art world since 2019’s Art Basel held in Miami, Florida. She’s most notably known for her distinctive art exhibitions, and she continues that course of creation.

    In 2017, Arakelian’s “L’Illusion du Mariage,” at the 57th Biennale di Venezia stunned critics so much so that they invited Arakelian back for Venice’s 58th Biennale where she was given her own solo show at the Armenian Pavilion.

    So, for this year, Arakelian has not stopped the momentum. She has already made an impression in the United States during the MASH Gallery’s two-part À GOGO​ show, first in The Loft at the Hollywood W Hotel; then at MASH’s DTLA opening. The double-header was an absolute favorite of many in attendance during the Frieze Los Angeles this year, as shown via overall crowd consensus.

    Serbian born Armenian Artist Narine Arakelian
    Pictured – Artist, Narine Arakelian

    It shouldn’t surprise anyone that MASH included Arakelian’s work. For those whom have been blessed to take in the astonishing beauty and exquisite creativity of Arakelian’s work — it should come as no surprise as to why Arakelian’s work stood its own ground alongside the likes of Domingo Zapata, whose stunning 15-story Times Square mural helped make him Brooklyn’s “Most Influential Artist of 2019.”

    Then with no further ado at the W, Arakelian’s “INITIATION” installation was paired with a statuesque, almost fluid-like rendering of last year’s critically-acclaimed “LOVE” canvas with her cinematically-inclined “Rebirth Subconscious,” all of these were all painstaking put-together with a dazzling scepter of metal and diamond-cut Murano glass. The effect? Nothing short of a deep-dive-of-the-mind.

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    Arakelian’s work has always explored many themes ranging from tradition, modernism, individual freedom, rebirth and much more. With such remarkable work, it’s no wonder she acquired such a great amount of attention at her first L.A showing.

    “À GOGO i​s a disco deluge of contemporary art featuring an array of the world’s most vivid visualists,” stated MASH Gallery owner Haleh Mashim. “Every facet of this multifaceted, culturally diverse and technologically advanced exhibition is taken to the extreme. And every artist represents the best of all possible worlds.”

    Arakelian stunning piece “HOPE” accompanied by a nearly six-foot glass menagerie titled “Rays” displayed at the event embodied everything that A GOGO is and stands for. The art collection of pieces encapsulated everything she stands for, the critical issues of gender, identity, culture, history, memory, and representation that pervades all her works creations, and which will undoubtedly continue to shape her career.

    With so many in attendance inspired by her work, understandably, her “LOVE” painting sold on the first night of the event and museum bids flooded in for “INITIATION.” Everybody is as eager and excitedly awaits at the edge of their seats to see what artful pieces Arakelian will create next.

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