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    Stylish & Protective Winter Hairstyles According to Saif Yousifsson

    The winter season’s start follows a long dryness period and quite a few bad hair days for all women.

    In this time of turmoil, the owner of Top 4 Hair (one of the most famous salons in Sweden), Saif Yousifsson, presents all the women out there with a hairstyle list to keep their hair looking healthy and fresh as ever during winters.

    The Magical Hat:

    There is nothing that can ever go wrong with wearing a hat. Whether it is a casual winter BBQ party or a Christmas party in the office, hats and caps are the best way to do the bare minimum and still make your hair look salon styled. Saif Yousifsson provides you with a very simple way to do this: Wear a cap and then play around with your hair however you like.

    Clips, clips, and more clips:

    Who does not love a tiny, adorable clip? Do we even need to answer that question? Just grab the first clip that comes to your hand and prop it anywhere on your head. In less to no time, you will have yourself a lovely, cute hairstyle.

    At Top 4 Hair, clips are the most in-demand item with customers when it comes to party hairstyles. You can make a side braid, fix it with a clip, or make a puff, clip it in place, or part your hair and put-on clips. Saif Yousifsson guarantees you; your hair will look delightful.

    The Blair Waldorf classic:

    If you are a woman and live in this world, you must know about the ‘Blair Waldorf classic.’ Headbands, what else? They are the most reasonable yet classy hairstyle option out there: grab a headband; be it simple or full of pearls, and wear it. Voila, you are good to go to that New Year’s party. If you want to enhance the outlook further, then curl your hair or straighten them. This is the go-to look for every Top 4 Hair customer.

    Stylish & Protective Winter Hairstyles According to Saif YousifssonThe Rapunzel Braid:

    Hardly any of us are as lucky as Rapunzel: we cannot have a braid as long as hers. But, that does not mean we can’t style our braids the way she does. The Top 4 Hair version of the Rapunzel braid is something anyone can do; make a simple side braid with a side part, and insert some pearls or flowers in the knots. Take a look at our Instagram page for stylish hairstyles here.

    Overnight curls:

    Feeling too cold and not in the mood for a shower? No issues, Saif Yousifsson, and his simple overnight curl technique are here to save you. Braid your hair as you like it; it can be anything from a French braid or two French braids to a simple braid. Make sure it is nice and tight before going to bed. When you wake up and open up those braids, you will have yourself some charming curls!

    The Quarantine bun:

    Every one of you ladies spent quarantine locked up in your houses. And the best option for your hair at that time was a messy bun. Well, Top 4 Hair tells you that you can use that messy bun while going out too. Trust us; it looks amazing. Style it with a headband, or clips, or a few strands left out and curled. It will give you a cozy winter look for all your outings.

    Half up, half down:

    The oldest hairstyle in the book: The half up and half down. It has various variations now, with a braid or a top knot, and you can opt for anyone and not worry about fixing your hair later in the day. According to Saif Yousifsson, it is the chicest winter look you can choose. So, tie half of that hair, and you will be good to go!

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    As high as can be:

    The title says it all. Make a ponytail and make it as high as you can! Everyone loves a high ponytail. Whether it is your casual get together with friends, or a formal meeting at the office, trust Saif Yousifsson to tell you that a high ponytail can never go wrong.

    Let it flow:

    Last but not least: brush through your hair, let them down in its natural state, and you are good to go!

    These nine hairstyles are simple and easy to do, and they don’t require much of your time. And of course, they are tried and loved by all customers at Top 4 Hair Salon! So, don’t waste your time and opt for these hairstyles to look your best this winter. For more stylish cuts, take a look at our Facebook page.

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