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    T1 Tact Watch Adds Brand To Dial, Answer to Amazon’s Counterfeit Smart Watches

    In the United States, Amazon accounts for 49% of the total eCommerce market. That means that when people shop online, nearly half of them buy from Amazon.

    But the online retail giant isn’t always the safest platform for online shopping. According to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, over half of the products sold via Amazon are from third-party sellers. And while many third-party sellers are honest and follow the rules, there are many others out there who do not.

    The problem with counterfeits has actually gotten worse in recent years, with the Better Business Bureau calling it an ‘epidemic’. It is very common for counterfeit sellers, often based out of China, to pose as authorized distributors of products. Sometimes they will even steal marketing materials and pose as the original company.

    Buyers are usually totally unaware that the seller is fake. Typically, they trust that Amazon has policies in place which protect them from scams. However, once they receive the fake product in the mail, they are left feeling disappointed, violated, and robbed.

    Amazon does have strict guidelines for its third-party sellers. However, considering there are thousands of sellers on the platform, it is impossible for them to police everything.

    This is driving some sellers to get creative with ways to combat fraud.

    After falling victim to scammers after their latest release, the Midnight Diamond, the company now only sells exclusively via its official T1 Tact Watch website (visit here). They also added their official logo in new places that will be difficult to imitate.

    Even though the changes have delayed several deliveries of its tactical watches, the changes ultimately help to protect both customers and the company from counterfeits in the future.

    Changes to the T1 Tact Watch

    To guarantee authenticity for customers, T1 Tact Watch added its brand or logo to three new locations on The Midnight Diamond casing.

    According to the T1TW Instagram (@T1TactWatch), this is on the watch dial, the rear steel case, and on the watch clasp. The new logo placements are discreet enough that they do not affect the ‘look’ of the watch. However, they are still clear enough to give customers peace of mind about the watch’s authenticity.

    T1 Tact Smart Watch, Tactical Mens Watch | California Pretty Fashion Magazine
    Pictured: T1 Tact Smart Watch, Tactical Men’s Watch | California Pretty Fashion Magazine

    Previously, the logo did not appear in these locations on the watch; making it easy for counterfeit sellers to create copies. However, these changes will now make that much more difficult.

    The company announced the changes via its Facebook page, on its website, and notified all customers via email.

    Tactical watches make a great Holiday or Birthday gift

    Now that T1 Tact Watch has solved its counterfeit seller problem, it is safe for people to go ahead and purchase from the company website.

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    Tactical watches actually make an excellent Christmas or birthday gift for people of all ages

    The Midnight Diamond was originally designed with military and sports professionals in mind. It has the look and feel of classic sports watches from the 90’s, but it comes with the technical capabilities of modern smartwatches.

    For military, tactical, outdoors, and sporting professionals, it is a wonderful sidekick. That’s because The Midnight Diamond is super durable, and it can take drops and hits against hard surfaces. There is even a viral video of the watch being ran over by an SUV and still working afterward.

    The watch is just as smart as it is tough, though. Using Bluetooth, it can connect to both smartphones and tablets. There are also several downloadable apps that can help people out in their daily lives. From tracking calories, displaying push notifications, and counting steps, it can help to keep the wearer’s health and fitness in check.

    The T1 Tact Watch is also affordably priced at $89.99. Many other watches can go for hundreds and even thousands more, so this option is great for anyone looking for a quality watch on a budget.   This distinguishing price made it a Top 11 Smart Watch of 2020 according to a popular tech blog, iLounge.com.

    T1 Tact Watch team says orders will make it by Christmas

    T1 Tact Watch’s necessary updates to The Midnight Diamond did delay deliveries of tactical watches. However, those who ordered before December 1 should receive it in the mail by Christmas.

    In an official statement on their Facebook page on Dec 6th, the T1 Tact Watch team said, “all orders will be delivered by the 16th. Most will arrive next week.”

    Since this post, the company posted that the team was ‘working overtime’ to ensure deliveries are completed by Christmas.

    In an effort to thank customers for their patience, T1 Tact Watch is also sending a complimentary gift to all customers who suffered from delays. They did not announce what that gift would be, however they alluded that it would be from their 2020 collection.

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