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    The Healing Power of Crystals

    If you want to show someone how much they mean to your life, give crystals as gifts.

    Crystals are gemstones of protection and healing and are perfect for anyone who needs some extra peace and healing in their lives or careers!

    We’ll be talking and learning more about crystals and their amazing healing powers below, so, please do read on.

    The Healing Power of Crystals is still largely misunderstood and further yet – Crystal Therapy and Healing Crystals is also another mystery to many. Crystals have been used for millennia as a way to connect, communicate and heal.

    How-to Do Crystal Therpy and Meditation at Home - California Pretty MagazineCrystals are a powerful tool that can change your life for the better and for anyone looking to enrich someone else’s life, we encourage those people to explore the many benefits of giving crystals, as gifts. Crystals work through the chakra system and their energy subtly makes its way through the various different layers of your body, exposing you to healing light energy and colors that help your overall aura and physical body to heal and revitalize itself.

    Crystals are truly Nature’s Masterpieces. They are the hardest mineral on earth and form a large number of naturally occurring gemstones. They are often called gems because of their sparkle and shine, but they are much more than simple stones. They are the purest form of energy that exists.

    By using crystals in therapy and giving them as gifts for crystal lovers you are helping to generate pillars of energy healing light that will expose the person receiving the crystal(s) mind, body, and spirit to multi-dimensional healing heightened understanding, clarity, and awareness.

    Crystals are the oldest form of medicine and Crystals are very powerful healing stones, and with them, you can improve your energy and bring out the best in yourself and others. When you align and harmonize all of the chakras and connect with them, you have the opportunity to heal yourself from the inside out – that is the true magical power of crystals.

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    The Process of Healing with Crystals

    Treating your body with crystals can be achieved in many different ways and you can realize all kinds of benefits. Many users generally find the fullest benefits of crystals through holding them when they are very ill or carrying them around their neck, or in their pocket to help surround their bodies with the healing energy of the crystals. This very simple process of using crystals is the type of crystal healing that can balance and heal your entire body.

    Crystals are also used by Reiki Practitioners who will put specific crystals on your body chakras to draw out undesired energies and to re-infuse your body with earth energy and universal healing powers. Some Spiritual Counselors, as well as Massage Therapists, work with crystals daily, as they also know the healing powers of crystals.

    Beautiful Purple Crystal Amethyst Druse Close-up - California Pretty Magazine
    Beautiful Purple Crystal Amethyst Druse Close-up – California Pretty Magazine

    What is Crystal Healing?

    The creator of crystal healing is not known by anyone. The practice of using crystals for healing has been used for many centuries. Crystal healing is the use of crystals to bring about wholeness and positive changes in one’s life.

    For some, it has healed them from sicknesses that otherwise would have killed them; for others, crystals have helped ease emotional traumas by providing them the time they needed to help heal emotionally and thus allowed for the process of other therapies to work without the additional pain or trauma attached, and yet still for others crystals have worked to energize them with the powerful vibrations the crystals emit giving them that little extra boost they needed to help them get through their day.

    How-to Start with Crystal Healing Therapy

    Most people have the misunderstanding that you have to go to a crystal practitioner to achieve and realize the overwhelming benefits of crystal therapy. However, we are here to tell you that that is simply not true. There are many other methods into which you can realize and experience the same effect from crystals – without having to visit a crystal practitioner.

    Explore These Other Methods Below to Included Crystal Therapy in Your Life:

    1. As we mentioned, you can opt to visit a crystal practitioner, crystal healer, reiki healer, or someone else who is trained in the art of crystal healing. They would then be able to properly educate you on the various healing powers of crystals and which ones you should use to address your pending issues. These crystal masters can also go about the process of placing specific crystals on you to properly align them in the best possible manner to heal certain ailments you might have.
    2. Wearing or Carrying, a crystal or crystal gemstone is quite possibly the most popular and most widely used way of incorporating crystals in your daily life. By wearing a crystal or carrying a crystal gemstone with you – you are allowing the crystal to keep you healthy and heal and protect you as you go throughout your daily life.
    3. Place a crystal or several crystals in your bed while you sleep or nap. You need to get enough sleep, as well as quality sleep each day for optimal health. The human body is a complex machine that needs regular sleep maintenance in order to work properly, which can’t happen if you’re not getting proper amounts of rest every night. So, placing certain crystals such as, Amethyst under your bed mattress while you sleep can give you the healing energy that your body seeks to recover itself – thus allowing you to wake up feeling refreshed and more energized.
    4. Put crystals in your bath water as you clean and cleanse your outer body for a re-energizing bathing experience. Water is a great conductor and by placing the crystals in your bathwater, you can shed your body of the external impurities and allow the crystals healing energy to reverberate through your entire body. Also, bathing with crystals is one of the most powerful, but also least expensive ways for you to absorb crystal energy. It costs next-to-nothing and can be done anywhere at any time – so go for it – treat yourself!
    5. Make use of crystals during specialized crystal meditation sessions. For those who are looking for an extra push, crystals can be especially beneficial if used during crystal meditation sessions. For the best results, you’ll want to hold the crystal of your choice during your meditation session to get the most out of it! This can be done either by holding onto the crystal or placing the crystal in front or near you. While you meditate try focusing on the crystal and its healing energies and you’ll feel its power flow through you like never before!
    6. Try crystal reflexology and/or crystal massage. What is crystal reflexology? For starters, it’s an alternative medicine that uses the power of crystals and the healing touch of massage to heal ailments like back pain and even depression. The reflexology practitioner applies pressure to points on your feet while they; or you hold the healing crystals. By keeping the crystals near your body; or touching your body; allows the healing energy of the crystal to connect and flow through your body freely.

    Wrapping Things Up

    If you want to show someone how much they mean to your life, give crystals as a gift. The true healing power of crystals is something that can not only help those who own and use them but also bring value to anyone in need of healing energy.

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