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    Top 4 Reasons Why Music Festivals Should be on Your Vacation Bucket List

    We all have come to be familiar with some of the largest festivals that have grown steadily across America over the past decade.

    Festivals in America have risen to be some of the top destinations for entertainment seekers who travel from all around the globe to attend. Large music events have proven to be the ideal get-a-way for people wanting to escape for a weekend of entertainment, relaxation, and experience.

    Can you believe roughly over 32 million people in the U.S go to at least one music festival a year? If you have never been to one you may have been missing out on something great this whole time. Here are some of the top reasons a popular festival should be on your bucket list for 2019.

    The Experience

    Vendors at Summer Music Festival | Jaunt MagazineThere is nothing like exploring the busy festival grounds full of vendors and stages to excite your senses and free your soul. You will find yourself immersed in a whole other world that will make you feel like you belong there and you will not want to leave it anytime soon. The memories you will make attending a festival for your first time will be irreplaceable. You will want to make sure to get tons of photos to share with your friends because the positive energy will radiate with you for days after the event that most people will become curious about what really happened. The experience overall is why most people attend any type of festival and the next reason on our list makes the trip exciting and worthwhile.

    The Music

    Audience at Summer Music Festival | Jaunt MagazineFestival events such as Coachella, Kaboo, and Electric Daisy Carnival have become so popular over the years due to featuring highly anticipated lineup’s showcasing some of today’s top musical talents and breakthrough artists. In actuality, more people prefer attending music festivals over concert events because they give the audience an opportunity to work their way up to the front of the stage for an up-close experience you will most likely never forget. With a roster full of artists over the course of a three day period, you will discover so much talent you have never laid your ears on before that it could really make you wonder where you have been at for the last few years. The music alone is the main attraction and once you’ve seen a stage light up at night and hear something you can’t get out of your head, you know you will be sharing it with the people that weren’t able to attend. We all need music to move the soul and festivals are the best places to go to find it. That’s why so many people herd to festivals, but don’t let the idea of the crowds turn you off to going to one. You will learn next to the crowds just add to the total experience.

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    The Crowds

    Crowd at Summer Music Festival | Jaunt MagazineFestivals are full of thousands of people from different backgrounds, nationalities, and personalities. Most people that attend are happy to share their experience with you and it is fairly easy to make new friends that could last a lifetime. The crowds are like a sea of humans, especially near the stages. You will see people dressed in costumes, people who form camps, and people you will never forget. If you end up being swept away while enjoying some music, you may find yourself becoming embraced by complete strangers. The open-mindedness of the people who attend these music festivals is essentially what makes the community so great. You just never know what type of grand adventure you will get into. This brings us to the great outdoors.

    The Camping

    Camping at Summer Music Festival | Jaunt MagazineThere’s nothing like feeling wild and free when you attend a music festival. Some music festivals offer campgrounds for their guests to lodge in. Setting up a temporary home for the three day period gives you the perfect position within the proximity of the event that you never really leave. Campers bring their tents, coolers, sound systems, games, and tons of good vibes making it feel like the party never ends. The campgrounds offer a come and go as you please pass to the festival, so if you get worn out you can go back to camp and rest if needed. Saying this, setting up camp at music festivals could be the best decision you could make for your entire experience.

    It’s hard to turn down an amazing opportunity to witness some of the best shows in the entertainment industry. If you have not traveled or participated in any of the popular music festivals in a circuit, we suggest that you try to make 2019 the year to do so. Make sure to do your research on the top festivals near you and plan out the perfect trip. You will not regret being able to attend one of these spectacular shows. Making this fun activity bucket list worthy.

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