Love wine? Build your next vacation around it! Wine regions have delicious food, beautiful views and amazing history.

To select your next travel destination, get inspired by global wine brand, The Seeker, which produces wines all around the world to ensure each varietal is made in the region where it grows best. Ready to let your palate guide you? Here are four wine destinations for adventure seekers.

1Puy de Dôme, France

Puy de Dôme, in the Auvergne region of central France, boasts spectacular natural wonders, with over 80 volcanic craters, as well as mountains, valleys, volcanic lakes, plateaus and plains. Explore them on foot, bicycle and kayak, or take a dip in the region’s thermal springs.

Sometimes called France’s “lost wine region,” it’s only 100 miles from Burgundy and has a winegrowing history that began in the 6th century. Pinot Noir has been grown there since at least the 11th century, and the Pinot from these vineyards were once prized by the Popes in Avignon. The region still produces exceptional Pinot Noir thanks in part to the rich volcanic soils, warm days and cool nights. One selection to try is The Seeker Pinot Noir ($13.99), which has aromas of sweet cherry fruit melded with earth and spice, balanced acidity and ripe fine tannins.



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