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St. Louis husband and wife indie rock duo Turbo Widget obviously haven’t forgotten the allure of romance. “Good2me” delivers in this area and then some.

Turbo Widget new Single Good2meSome of history’s most compelling songs talk about one of life’s most energizing and memorable categories of experience – when guy meets girl, the energy in the air, and the good hearted chase that follows. St. Louis, Missouri rising indie rock band Turbo Widget, quite appropriately built around a husband and wife team, have jumped into this arena with their new single “Good2me”, and the result is fresh and fun. Powered by Ben’s sly lyrics and lead vocals over an indie rock with a touch of funk driving rhythm and beat, and Kim’s backing accents, the combination is a perfect mix for the season. This may end up Turbo Widget’s most popular single yet.

Watch the “Good2me” Video by clicking here.

“It was time to just let loose with some fun and positive energy,” commented Ben about Good2me’s release. “I think Kim and I really hit the nail on the head here and we captured the feel and energy we were really looking for.”

To make things even better, Turbo Widget has kept their record of super cool videos running strong. Rather than take the direction one would expect from the new single’s lyrics, a different angle explodes – think a tongue-in-cheek version of The Muppets and expect to smile for ear-to-ear.

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Turbo Widget continues to be not just one of indie rock’s more prolific bands but also one of their most creative, unafraid to explore whatever musical style interests them, unrestrained. And fans continue to love them more and more.

Expect the new music from Turbo Widget to continue.

For more on Turbo Widget be sure to visit https://www.turbowidget.com. Check them out on Spotify, and stay part of the discussion and caught up-to-date with their future new releases and gig announcements on Facebook and Instagram.

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