Xit XT50TRS 50-Inch Pro Series Tripod (Silver)

A family vacation is the perfect time to unwind, but it can be even more relaxing with time spent outdoors enjoying nature in all its beauty.

Whether you plan your entire trip around a specific activity or just build in a day or two along the way, you can create some unforgettable memories.

Choosing your destination is the first big decision in planning a vacation, and selecting a location that offers plenty of attractions for the whole family is a smart bet. For example, Texas offers a variety of state parks with unexpected terrain, such as the second largest canyon in the United States at Palo Duro Canyon State Park, or Pedernales Falls State Park with its distinctive river banks where visitors can swim, tube and kayak.

Once you have your general destination selected, it’s time to consider exactly how you’ll fill your days.

1Outdoor Sporting

Xit XT50TRS 50-Inch Pro Series Tripod (Silver)
Unplug with an Outdoor-Oriented Vacation

Fishing is a fun and affordable activity the whole family can enjoy. After all, there’s no age limit on the thrill of a catch. Lakes, streams, rivers and creeks are all potential fishing sites and each offers a unique experience, from the scenery to the types of fish you’re likely to catch. Before you head out, be sure to research what permits and gear you’ll need. Some destinations even allow you to rent necessities, so you may be able to save the hassle and expense of buying new.



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