Across The Board, The Hideout - Toronto. Bobby Singh/@fohphoto
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If you love music – then you need to spend some time listening to the alt-pop-rock band Across The Board.

The band has been on a musical journey traveling from small towns to the big cities in an attempt to bring their musical sound to the world. California Pretty had the pleasure of meeting up with the band for a one on one interview read along, as the band Across The Board opens up about their love of music and how technology has helped them connect with their listeners.

California Pretty: It’s great to hear you guys again! How have you guys been? Any big news or events since our last feature?

ATB: Since our last EP “AMENDS” in 2017, we have been working on our second full-length album SONIC BOOM and we have an upcoming CD Release in Toronto May 4th.

California Pretty: Are you satisfied with the results of your last release?

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ATB: We were so excited to receive terrestrial and college radio play on our EP Amends and won two international independent music awards for the record. We have been grateful to be playing to sold-out audiences in our home town of Toronto and area and recently returned from a coast-to-coast Canadian tour where we played to crowds from Newfoundland to Vancouver.

California Pretty: Describe to our readers the band’s sound?Across The Board, The Hideout - Toronto. Bobby Singh/@fohphoto

ATB: We have a mix of pop rock, with a rootsy vibe, that could be called Americana–or alt-pop-rock, depending on the song — on our new album, SONIC BOOM, the song “Back To The Tracks” is a country-rock tune, whereas the title track SONIC BOOM, is more a 90s alt-rock vibe.

California Pretty: What can we expect when pressing play on your latest project?

ATB: SONIC BOOM comes out May 4th on all platforms. It’s a full-length alt-pop rock / rootsy album that takes the listener on a musical journey from a small town to the big city in an attempt to “break a band” and bring our music to the world.

California Pretty: What do you hope for listeners to get out of your music?

ATB: This album “Sonic Boom” describes the breaking of a band and the sheer determination and hard work it takes to succeed at any heart-felt endeavor. We hope listeners are inspired to pursue their own creative dreams, at any age, and at any stage in their life, without limits!

California Pretty: Were you trying to accomplish anything specific (or different) with this release versus the previous one?

ATB: With SONIC BOOM, we wanted to show the evolution of our writing from an Americana and country rock genre, through AMENDS which was more pop-rock through to where we find ourselves now–more alt-pop-rock. We realize these genres are often hard to define, but we feel our music always pushes the rock and roll envelope to the edge of pop, country, and blues–and sits somewhere out there in “alt” land as a result.

California Pretty: Name one or two challenges you face as an indie musician in this oversaturated, digital music age? How has technology helped you (since we know it does help)?

Across The Board, The Hideout - Toronto. Bobby Singh/@fohphotoATB: Yes, there is certainly a lot of NOISE out there and it is difficult as an indie band to rise above all of that to gain the listener’s attention. Technology has helped us help our listeners can find us by curating the indie music world through Spotify playlists, influencer recommendation and sites like Reverbnation, Pandora, and Ditto Music, and others who can classify, quantify and help listeners navigate through the demos and scratch tracks and find what they want to hear. We are grateful for the internet that allows us to reach new fans across the globe without the limitations of time and space.

California Pretty: What advice would you have for other bands working hard to build a fanbase?

ATB: Publish daily content! Write constantly, take your fans on the journey with you, stop worrying about what you look like or sound like on video–connect–whether in your PJs with a bad a hair day and no makeup, or a fully realized production–be yourself, be real, but be present!

California Pretty: What is on the horizon for Across The Board?

ATB: A new album! HOWL AT THE MOON! In early 2019!

California Pretty: Where is the best place to connect with you online and discover more music? Here is a list of all our social media links.

ATB: We have over 300 videos on Youtube and Facebook, and we add daily content to Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and our blogs/vlogs–we would love to connect with you by email too!

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California Pretty: Anything else before we sign off?

ATB: As always, we are thank you for keeping up and staying in touch. We love your magazine! Across The Board will be touring in Eastern Canada again this spring and summer and we encourage you to check out our new release on May 4th. You can download a copy of the title track SONIC BOOM right now from Soundcloud for free at:

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