Brittia billions, whose legal name is Steph Cox, (Stephanie Cox) is known for Cosplay OnlyFans, Music Video features in the south.

As well as her Techno music track “The Grand Bash”. She captures the eyes of many local Hiphop and r&b artists. As well as rock bands she is said to have best friends in a few bands.

“Modelmayhem was like a parent to me”, Britta said. “In the beginning, it was like a digital parent, haha. I think I started there in 2011 and left most recently. It helped me critique myself a lot and a lot of photographers I asked to help me grow in my own unique style” She said.

Brittia Billions Model - California Pretty MagazineHer track “The Grand Bash” is on iTunes, Amazon music as well as YouTube for the EDM, Techno Family.

But she arises in Hip-hop background dancing, modeling features as well as photography in many cities. Click Here to Follow Brittia Billions on Twitter.

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